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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Koi Cake Birtday 2011

6:49 PM
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Many professionals have remained areas of backyard feeding of wild birds. Approaches of this activity is quite indifferent at best. The choice of food-based and cost-effective to attract birds of personal pleasure. The nutritional value of food is irrelevant. It does not sound very professional, right?

The first thing to do professional caregivers, to investigate the natural history of animals under their care. What kind of food, habitat, behavior and requirements for optimal health? As for nutrition, was first to draw attention to the cakes of sebum. It seems a very healthy option - all that fat, and even worse - saturated fat. Almost all if not all, commercial mantecados made of tallow (beef fat). The suggestion that vegetable fat is a healthier alternative can be systematically rejected. What are the nutritional consequences of using vegetable fat instead of fat in the cake influenza? What are important issues to consider? First, two main issues affecting the nutrition of all organizations - the energy and nutrients Get Money From Here

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